Biggest Mistake Professionals Make!

One of the biggest mistake professionals make when launching or growing their speaking career is….

Advertising themselves as a speaker. 

Allow me to tell you exactly what I mean.

There is absolutely nothing with just calling yourself a speaker, that is, if you don’t mind being passed over for bookings.

Speakers don’t get hired and paid handsomely, experts do.

Here is the key thing to remember when positioning yourself:

  1.  You are an expert first and speaker second.

Conference coordinators want someone who is an expert in a certain area,
Conference coordinators want someone who can confidently share their wealth/expertise with their attendees, and, leave them with tangible take always that they can use once you are gone.

If your materials, on and offline presence don’t make this clear, those who have the budget to book you won’t be clear either.

Never forget; Expert 1st, Speaker 2nd.

Stay Amazing! — Karen D
Karen Donaldson is a #1 Best Selling Author and a Award Winning Executive Public Speaking Coach, Certified Confidence Coach, Self Leadership Coach and international Speaker.