Work Life Balance? That’s BS! There’s No Such Thing

Far too often we hear the cliché, create a healthy work life balance. Let’s be real the more we as professionals and entrepreneurs try and create this proverbial work life balance, the more time we waste focusing on and defining something that is unattainable.

Lets take a step back from trying to attain something we haven’t taken a moment to define.

Work life balance does not exist as most people believe it to be; a perfect 50-50 split of your time.

At any given moment we are focusing our efforts on where it needs to be for than time. At any given moment you are never truly balanced, you are either doing something or you are not…and that’s ok.

The reality is this, sometimes work might take priority for a bit of time and sometimes family makes take priority for a bit of time. But please don’t get caught up on attaining this fictitious work life balance BS

Balance is when you feel in tune with yourself and everything is being handled or managed in a manner that YOU are ok with.

No more defining what you do and how you do it by someone else’s standard, choose and create your own.

Stay Amazing!

Karen D