The Must Have Positioning Conversation when It Comes To Getting Booked and Paid to Speak

Let’s talk about it…Many a times I have speakers come to me and ask me what are they missing and why cant they get booked.

Yes, they are phenomenal speakers when they hit the stage, but they just can’t secure any bookings.

I normally ask to see their marketing materials and that’s where things need a handful of strengthening.

Here it goes: If you can’t answer these questions then you won’t get booked.

*Who do you help?

*What do you help them with/ overcome/ do better?

*What solution can offer them?

Essentially, exactly what do you offer to who??

These are the questions that event coordinators and those with a budget are asking, and if your marketing materials don’t clearly answer those questions, then you will be passed over.

Nancy and Neil of all topics don’t get booked either, so keep it simple and lead with one specialty area.

Experts get booked and paid to speak.  What are a are you an expert in?

Having a hard time choosing one area of expertise and need some help?

Karen D