The Truth About The Speaking Industry And Creating A Lucrative Career.


The Speaking Profession has to do with mindset, positioning, marketing, branding and your message.

For those who don’t know me well, I’m a passionate and a tough coach, I say it and tell it like it is because I am super committed to my clients success and growth. So as you continue to read, know that these are the non-sugar coated realities of speaking and getting paid well. Like it, don’t like it, that’s ok either way…all I know how to do is share is the truth and what’s worked for my clients and I.

Here are a few Speaking Myths and Realities:

1. You can live your passion and share your message with the world while not getting paid and being poor…or…You can live your passion and share you message with the world by getting paid your worth and being wealthy. You choose…I choose and do the latter.

2. Here are a few untruths and beliefs that may have been holding you back from sharing your message on a large platform.
Untruth #1: You have to be a great speaker
Untruth #2: You need credentials to be taken seriously as a speaker
Untruth #3: You don’t need to worry about marketing,, you just need to share your message from the heart.

3. If you want to be a top-notch speaker you need to act as if it were real right now. When you take the stage whether it’s an audience of 10 or 1000, speak as though you were speaking to a room full of 100,000 people and give them all you’ve got.

4. Unfortunately some people have a belief that money is the root of all evil (that you should be speaking for free because your message can make a difference) and have trouble asking for their full speakers fee or any fee at all. The reality is quite opposite, getting paid your worth for sharing your message allows you to give back…help others…and make a difference in more ways that one. (The last time I checked the bank would not accept my smile as a mortgage payment)

5. When you are booked to speak, clients aren’t paying for you for an hour, they are paying for your wealth of experience, wealth of tools, and strategies that you KNOW can make a difference in their life, their business or their company. It can be a challenging conversation to have if you don’t know the correct way to go about it and what “to” and what “not to” say.

6. Reality. Booking speakers is passé. More and more conference and event coordinators are looking to book specialists or individuals with specific area of expertise, not just speakers.

6. Myth. I don’t need any help to build my speaking career and get paid well. True and Untrue. You absolutely do not need any support if you are fine getting paid an honorarium fee for the duration of your speaking career. However, we all know how priceless mentors and coaches can be, on our learning curve, showing us the right path, different paths & perspectives and creating and introducing us to new opportunities we wouldn’t have ever known or seen.

If the time is right for you and you’re ready to share your message, market your message, solidify your positioning and get paid well for sharing your expertise or passion jump on my scheduler and let’s set up a time to talk  >>Click here>>

Karen D