August 22, 2016


#1 Best Selling Author
Founder of Karen Donaldson Inc
Personal Growth Strategist// Self-Leadership & Certified Confidence Coach// Executive Public Speaking Coach // International Speaker

Karen Donaldson is a life lover and committed to showing professionals how to connect, engage and inspire through their communication.

She is a #1 Best Selling Author and hit #1 Hottest New Release for both of her books; Speak Like you Breathe and How To Live a Life With No Excuses.

As self-leadership and confidence coach, Karen is in the business of supporting individuals to create the mindset to take powerful action, own their worth and live a life with no excuses . As a public speaking coach and international speaker, Karen shows professionals how to create a powerful  & professional speaker platform, speak and get booked  and also help individuals learn how to “Speak Like they Breathe” and crush their fear of public speaking .

Karen has over 20 plus years of training and experience in self-leadership, personal performance, motivation strategies and presentation and public speaking skills. Karen has worked with some of North America’s biggest corporate teams and coached individuals across North America and the Caribbean. As a coach and international speaker, Karen is a sought after leader and certified expert in her industry.

“Good things don’t come to those who wait, good things come
to those who go out and get it.”

“Words of other don’t define you, You define you”

Those are the words Karen Donaldson lives by, and are the foundation of her success. It all starts with Karen’s energetic and direct straight talk keynote presentations, and her results positive coaching style.

Karen’s work is based on the premise that “development comes from within.” Because the only thing you have 100% control of is you.

Whether Karen is helping individuals become more authentic and relatable when they speak or showing them how to self-identify their unique assets, own them, take action and become leaders in their own right; she has a natural ability to transform lives.

But Karen’s life has not been without hardships and challenges. A young mother at age 20, Karen allowed nothing to stand in her way of pursuing her university education.  She declined a full scholarship to a University in the U.S and chose to enter a 4-year degree program at Ryerson University in Toronto, Ontario, her home town. Despite the tremendous challenges and stereotypes that came along with being a young mother, she overcame tremendous adversity. Karen persevered and always walked with her head high and never allowed anyone else question her self-worth. A graduate of Ryerson University Karen possesses’ a Bachelor of Applied Science major in Health Promotion. Throughout her four years in University, Karen continued to deliver workshops and motivational keynotes to organizations and professional groups on the topics of self-empowerment, leadership and presentation skills.

Her past has prepared her for her future as a servant leader. Karen has a well-recognized expertise at driving community and team initiatives. She actively spearheaded the community development efforts to convert Canada’s first public housing developments to a vibrant mixed income community. Karen has developed numerous partnerships between the public and private sector on a Provincial and National basis. She has served as Sr. Specialist Health Partnerships for one of Canada’s largest health charities.

Karen registered her first business while in her early twenties, Panache Choreography and Productions, an event planning and management company, based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

As a life long student, a servant leader, mentor and mentee, Karen lives what she shares and teaches and learns from absolutely everyone who crosses her path.

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