March 15, 2016



Here are answers you few questions you may be asking yourself right now…

Can I turn what I currently do, my experience, my passion for a successful speaking career that someone wants to hear about? The short answer is yes. The way I work is not on a competitive level, I help my clients position themselves on their own level. Be there for our 2 Day event and allow me the honor of showing you exactly how to do it AND get booked.

Will I learn anything new or is this the same stuff that’s available online? What we will cover over the 2 days is NOT a dolled up version of the free public speaking and get into the speaking industry info available online. Our 2 Day intensive event is the only one of its kind where you will not only have your YOUnique talk developed, you will also get an opportunity to  reach out to potential clients to start booking speaking engagements…right there DURING THE 2 DAY INTENSIVE!

How quickly will I see results and how much will I make? The faster you implement what you learn each and every hour in your business, the faster you’ll see results. Extremely fast action takers could see very fast results. Slower than molasses implementers may never see painfully slow results! Are you a doer or an excuse maker? That’s the bottom line.

You’ll make as much as you put into taking action. Fortunately at the intensive, you’ll discover “real-time” methods that could make that happen 10x faster. How many results, response or money you see depends on you. You’ll have access to everything you need to make it happen and solid move at lightening speed.

Why do I have to apply? I want to make sure we are a fit to work together.  I can only help people and work with people who are serious about doing what it takes to get results.  People who are willing to be pushed outside of their comfort zone. The application process ensures that you will get what you came here for and that I can give it to you.