April 30, 2017


Where we do it all for you

This program is for the industry expert who is looking to build their entire speaking platform but is strapped for time, or you just don’t want to do the work.

We understand that you’re  extremely busy helping people and professionals, however you want to be sharing your message and expertise on larger platforms.  But, don’t have the time to build your professional speaker platform, create the required speaker marketing materials and get out there and get your self booked.

This is where we come, WE WILL DO IT ALL FOR YOU!

This “Done-For-You” Speak and Get Booked Elite Package gives you EVERYTHING You need to create a Solid Speaking Platform, Position, and Brand you, have you reaching out to book speaking engagements.

But we do all of the work, delivered in 10 business days.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Professionally designed and written speaker 1 pager (core content to be supplied by client)
  • Development of 5 minute professional speaker reel (raw video clips to be supplied by client)
  • Professionally written and designed speaker media kit
  • 5 page Customized Speaker website completely written and designed
  • Customized Speaker proposal
  • Set Up/ Custom designed header on 3 social media sites
  • List of core websites to find speaking engagements in your niche.
  • A Speaker VA to work 12 hours per month for you  to research and apply to speaking gigs on your behalf.  (Your package includes 2 months)

INVESTMENT:  Email to inquire, please put “Done for You”in subject line

Please email us at admin@speakandgetbooked.com to inquire about the Elite Package