May 3, 2017


You don’t have to do it alone!

Become that speaker that others admire and seamlessly deliver
a memorable talk that moves your audience.

Let Karen help you frame your message into just the right words so it’s authentic, and completely, connects, engages, inspires, empowers and closes.
Karen will make sure your talk flows seamlessly, and your opening and close leave nothing to the imagination.

Whether you’re delivering a pitch, preparing for a speaking tour or simply preparing for a business presentation, Karen is your lady. She helps you strengthen both your verbal and non verbal delivery.

Karen has written keynotes, scripts and pitches for Politicians, Sr. executives, Advertising Executives, Professional Speakers and entrepreneurs, not to mention scripts for MC’s and hosts of large gala’s conferences and fundraising events.

Karen will help you create a customized, high impact talk that easily connects with and moves any audience.

Karen’s philosophy;
“I don’t create your talk for you I create it with you.  The only way for you to be authentic and powerful in your delivery is through creating a talk in your voice.”

Create Your Talk VIP Session includes:

  • A 2 hour session
  • A pre-planning template,
  • A 2 hour virtual work session which includes talk makeover/ talk creation,
  • Key body language techniques to strengthen your presence and presentation
  • 2, thirty minute follow up coaching sessions
  • And a copy of Karen’s better body language Ebook

 Investment:   $2000 USD

Once payment has been made you will receive access to the calendar to book your date and time with Karen.

For an Onsite Create Your Talk VIP Sessions please inquire at

Raving Clients

“Karen showed me how be more effective in my communications  through my personal presentation and coming directly to the point.”

Antonia Akai-Casuccio, Owner, The Loved One

“Karen taught me the importance of and how to engage PEOPLE not only clients within the first 30 seconds.”

Janelle S, Retail Professional