Introducing our Exclusive and Newly Enhanced, On-Demand, Speak and Get Booked Training Vault.

A comprehensive resource designed to equip you with the skills, strategies, tools and insider secrets to amplify your impact as a speaker and secure more bookings than ever before.


My Private Clients On Average Get Paid 4-5 Figures Per Speaking Engagement.

Now, I’ll Coach You On My Brand New Platform For Just A Fraction Of That!

So You Can Rapidly Boost Your Profits As A Professional PAID Speaker!

For over 10+ years, I’ve coached thousands of entrepreneurs — including 

Celebrities, CEO’s, professional athletes and entertainers.


If you’re an expert, an entrepreneur, a current speaker or author who wants to…

Speak on stages around the world (in person or virtually), impact more people with your message and get paid more to speak.

Yet you’re Struggling with…


Getting your messaging just right, choosing a niche that’s both sustainable and profitable, finding speaking gigs

that pay, getting the attention of meeting planners that have a budget, moving from free to paid speaking.

You’re in luck…

Join us in my 

Exclusive and Newly Enhanced

This ELITE self-directed vault will help you to get consistently  booked on live and virtual stages month after month.  

“I was accepted to do 2 breakout sessions for the Women Working in Corrections and Juvenile Justice in in Savannah, GA.  We are on a roll — Let’s Go!”

Linda Patten
Leadership Trainer for Women Entrepreneurs and Changemakers

Now, allow me to tell you why I’m doing this and exactly who I am.

Right now, there are a lot of live, hybrid and virtual speaking engagements around us, and the people who are taking advantage of the opportunities, are on the right path and are winning in the speaking game.

There are endless speaking opportunities out there, even if you’re in your early stages of speaking.   

When I first started speaking over 20+ years ago, I never knew
that speakers got paid as much as they did.  

5 years into my speaking career I was blessed with a mentor who showed me what was possible, and the ins and outs of the professional speaking industry. It was like a veil was lifted off of my eyes, he showed me how to structure my business so I could travel the world speaking on stages, speak from the comfort of my own home all while getting paid what my experience and I were worth.

My name is Karen Donaldson, Celebrity Communication, Body Language & Confidence Coach, I am honoured that you’ve decided to stop by and learn about my…

Exclusive and Newly Enhanced, On-Demand, Speak and Get Booked Training Vault

Today I speak internationally and have clients across the globe. I’m the communication, body language and confidence coach to celebrities, politicians, C-suite executives and entrepreneurs. I’m Cosmopolitan and Women’s health magazine’s body language expert and am also a guest expert for local and national news.

I’ve created a lifestyle where I have plenty of time to spend with my kids and hubby, work 4 days per week, no weekends, take the last week of every month off and go on a vacation, and have numerous 6 figure launches per year.

These days I get paid 5 figures per speaking gig.  But what I make speaking is a lot less important than what my clients make from speaking.

They get paid anywhere from $2000 – $96,000 per speaking contract, delivering in person, virtual keynotes, workshops and seminars, and get featured in national media on a regular basis.

Here’s what my clients have to say:

“I secured a training contract, 3 virtual training sessions, I will be conducting training in September, and I will be on the Marilyn Denis show. The training opportunities are coming fast and furious. Thank you for all your guidance and support”

Dr. Natasha Williams
Award Winning Radical Self Care and Leadership Expert Clinical Psychologist, Best Selling Author

“Karen is very knowledgeable with the corporate market for speakers and trainers and has a remarkably insightful way of knowing exactly how we should use her information to get the best results. Karen truly has a passion for what she does and provides tremendous value.”

Michael D. Wynn
Habit Success Strategist, Best-Selling Author, International Speaker, Certified Authenticity Coach, Certified Financial Literacy Trainer

“Based on Karen’s advice I accepted an offer to be the official executive coach at a high-tech business conference in San Francisco that resulted in 3 new clients — that’s over $13K for one day!”

Judi Glova
Intuitive Business and Leadership Expert, Coach Trainer
President, Pinnacle Coaching & Consulting

“My days with you were my best investment to get me all lined up not just for speaking but for my business process.”

Deneen Andrades
Resilience Expert

As you can see the reason why my clients pay me the big bucks is because I’m able to show them how to get paid for speaking gigs over and over again.  Now, to work with me in one of my private high end programs,  the investment starts at $17,000+ dollars and up it’s to $75,000.

But, I know that there are some people who are at different stages and are just not ready to make that kind of investment, and because I am so passionate about what I do and want to help everyone who has a voice get their voice out there and get paid to do it….

I Decided to Create My

Exclusive and Newly Enhanced, On-Demand

That Would Be Accessible to Everyone At A No Brainer Price. 

More about the price in a second…

Here’s What You Get Every Month as
A Speak and Get booked Training Vault Member

Immediately after you sign up you’re going to get access to trainings on every type of content under the sun.  

That’s right… you’re getting ALL my best material on various topics. In more than 50 value packed trainings. Here is just a sample of some of the topics we have in there:

How To Get On More Paid Stages

 A Few Must Haves To Get Booked in Corporate

 The Other Speaking Opportunities outside of speaking on stage

 Getting Booked on TEDX Stages

 Creating a Killer Talk

 How to Grow Your Business With A Zero Marketing Budget

 Stage Presence 

Booking Techniques

 Scaling Your Speaking Business

 And more!!!!!

I’ve been told that a few of these trainings by themselves are more valuable than many other $1997 courses and I agree!

These are longer training sessions where I really dive deep into key topics so that you can finesse and fine tune the specific area of your speaking business.

Attendees have closed PAID SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS from using the strategies that I share in my Masterclasses.

I have interviewed some of the worlds TOP Marketers, Speakers, Funnel Creators, Mind Set Experts, Publicist, PR Experts, Enrolment Geniuses, Podcast Pro’s, Book Coaches, YouTube Experts and more. 

You’ll have access to their “TELL ALL” content as a member of the Speak and Get Booked Vault. Here is a sample of some of the amazing topics the experts covered.

Creating Powerful Marketing Systems In Your Business

 How To Be Creative And Get Paid More Than Your Speakers Fee

  How To Create A Brand  (Like Apple) That Attracts The Right Clients & Speaking Engagements

 How To Get Into Major Newspapers And On Major TV And Radio Stations 

 How To Get Booked As A College And Corporate Speaker

 Hosting Your Own 5 And 6 Figures Events

 Building Your Credibility As The Go To Expert With A Book

Mastering The Enrolment Conversation And Getting A Yes

 Strategies To Scale Your Business As A Speaker

And plenty More!


Access to our Private Facebook group community where you can connect with like-minded speakers, share strategies, celebrate your wins, get feedback from your peers and keep up to date on speaking and industry trends.



Two new pieces of training material added every single month

(video, audio, written or template)




My team will do all of the leg work every single month and curate a list of event that are looking to book speakers. All you have to do is apply.



A Monthly Virtual 60-minute group training call with one of our international experts.

Covering topics like: PR, Funnels, Meeting planners, Working with Speaking Bureaus, LinkedIn, Website Development, Speaker Reel Development, Attraction Marketing, Developing your Social Strategy, AI.



A monthly 45-minute co-working session with your peers and one of our coaches.

Every month for 1 hour you will join other speakers on a Zoom session where…you actively work on your speaking business.  You can ask for support, you can use this hour to simply pitch events, you can use the hour to do whatever you need to build your speaking business. One of our coaches will be online with everyone during this co-working session to provide support.

Now you’ll no longer have excuses for not sending pitches.



A full LinkedIn training area for speakers (strategies to reach out and get booked) with templates




A full Social Media Training Area for speakers.

Strategies to reach out and get booked -with templates



A complete Template library; from pitch templates to email templates to cold calling scripts.




Special Pricing for retreats and special events !!!!!


 I’m doing this because I’m committed to making this the best, most valuable Training Vault for high performing, mission-driven experts on the planet, at a fraction of the cost of coaching with me.

 As you can see, there’s a lot of content here in fact this has everything you need to build your speaking business right from the very beginning, or scale it from where you are now.

We’ve also tried to make it super accessible by adding a 12month highly discounted pay if full option, a quarterly payment option and a monthly payment option,(the monthly payment option is only available until

the end of May).

In addition, I’ve designed the content in a way to make sure that it’s easily digestible, and concise so you can get maximum results in minimum time.

Take your time and watch, re-watch, re-listen, re-read the training videos at your convenience.

Now, if you are unsure where to start, we have developed content tracks for you to follow.

There’s a track for New Speakers, Newer Speakers and Experienced Speakers.

Also, if you’re feeling stuck, don’t worry, just ask questions in the Facebook group or jump on one of the monthly co-working session.

  We’ll tell you which content to focus on depending on where you are in your speaking biz, or your specific situation.

So right now, you’re probably thinking…

OK Karen, This Sounds Great. HOW MUCH IS IT?

That’s always the big question isn’t it? 

Well, fortunately your investment today to become a Speak And Get Booked Vault Member is much less than you might be thinking…

 To review… 

 You’re getting access to my multimedia training vault of Audio and Video training sessions that has at least a

Value $15,000 

Access to International Experts who charge upward of $800 per hour, I bring them right to your lap top screen. Value $15,000+

Then, you’re getting the my Deep Delve Mastermind Archive.

Value $3000+

A LIVE private group co-working session so you can implement the training.

Value $2000+

Monthly LIVE training with one of our International Experts

Value Priceless

Access to a speaker job, where my team does all of the research and leg work

Value $500+

Done for you Templates for almost all areas

Value $1500+

This vault has well Over $35,000 worth of content

 If were to compare it to other programs on the market there is no one that’s offering exactly what I’m offering in this program PERIOD, but anyone with something close to it is not charging less than $15,000. 

My pricing is not going to be $15,000, or even $10,000 for to access my Speak and Get Booked training Vault.  

 In fact, to become a  Member of our

Exclusive and Newly Enhanced, On-Demand Speak and Get Booked Training Vault

 Enjoy one of our 3 payment options


One Payment of $4997** (Reg. $6997)


 Quarterly payments of $1500** per month


Monthly payments of $597** per month

**Vault Access begins on April 3, 2024**

 That’s right, you have everything described above for over a 90% discount on  the true value of the Vault.

Why so low?

 There are two reasons actually…

 One of my main goals for this Training Vault is to give you the best information I can at a super low and affordable rate to get you “ready” to possibly explore my higher level programs when the time is right.

I want to make the first step to unprecedented growth and success as easy as possible for you. 

Now you may have some questions or concerns. Let me go ahead and address a few:

FAQ Section

Q: I’m not sure if I’m ready for the training vault, how do I know if it’s for me?

A: Here’s the thing. If you’re ready for the world to hear your message and your voice, then you’re ready. One of the reasons I made the price so low, is that I LOVE  committed and determined entrepreneurs who are hungry to grow. We have a solid success blueprint for you to follow, you’ll never be on your own.

Q: I’m nervous because of the current economy, is now the time to start a speaking business?

A: I totally get it. The economy is always changing, but what hasn’t changed is the need for information and events are still happening around the world in the thousands. Now is the time to take advantage of the plethora of opportunities right now, learn how to create your own, and, position yourself to strike right now. 

Q: I’m not sure I have time for the program.

A: I’m a believer that it’s not about length, it’s about the quality, and if I can deliver it to you in 5 minutes instead of 75minutes….I will forever do that.  The training sessions are value packed, to the point and actionable.  All training is on demand and available 24/7, jump on whenever it works for you.

Q: I’m an experienced speaker, is there value for me?

A: Yes, indeed! If you’re not getting the results that you want at your current level, this training vault is where you need to be. We have many a training on scaling your business, raising your price,  gaining corporate contracts, locating speaking gigs that pay over 10K.  

How Do I Access the…

Exclusive and Newly Enhanced, On-Demand Speak and Get Booked Training Vault?

Say yes to YOURSELF and click  JOIN NOW. 

 Enjoy one of our 3 payment options


One Payment of $4997** (Reg. $6997)


 Quarterly payments of $1500** per month


Monthly payments of $597** per month

**Vault Access begins on April 3, 2024**

 P.S. This is by far the most generous offer I’ve ever given. You’re essentially getting access to my life’s work for peanuts PLUS ongoing support in the Facebook group.

My friend, please take advantage of this offer while it’s still available.

As you can imagine, it’s not going to be around forever… just saying 😉

Karen D

**All purchases are FINAL and there are NO REFUNDS after purchase has been made.

**3% processing fee added to all payments


To cancel your monthly, quarterly or annual subscription, a written cancellation must be sent to 30 days before your next scheduled payment.