June 2, 2018

More Gigs Valentines!



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All Coaches, Consultants, Speakers, Business Owners
and Industry Leaders…

Are you FRUSTRATED because you want to start booking more speaking engagements
– but don’t know where to find them?

Is it IRRITATING to you that others are able to easily find speaking gigs, get booked and rebooked
(some not even as good as you) while you’re still trying to figure it all out?

Or, are you still STRUGGLING to get your foot in the door to share your powerful message and expertise
with audiences you know can benefit from it, but just don’t know how?

If So, You Are Not Alone. I Understand How You Feel.


I knew speakers were getting booked all the time, I saw it all around me,
but I just didn’t know where and how to start. I knew I had a powerful talk but just had
no clue on how to get on stages. I was stuck!

I remember going through a bunch of trial and error, copying what
I saw others doing and working extremely hard for pathetic results.

Does This Sound Familiar?

I used to spend days asking other speakers for advice and having them keep tight
lipped like it was a top secret. Knocking on doors trying to get booked and at times doing
nothing as I became frustrated not knowing where to start.


So I thought I would put together this same system I discovered that has helped me easily find speaking engagements get booked and get paid lucratively along the way.

Would This Be Helpful To You?

Here’s the thing, perhaps you’ve heard that it’s important to build a Following or Tribe.
And it’s True that creating a following will increase your exposure as a speaker.
Because once people know who you are, you will enhance your presence.

Some Gurus even claim that you can just build a really Big List of Followers and then Eventually Get Bookings.

Most “Gurus,” tell you to take action and see what happens. And while I agree that taking action is better than just sitting around doing nothing, it’s only part of the story.

You can have a big following of people who love you, and Yes That’s Important, however, if No One Can Book You , or Re-Book You, Or Pay Your Speakers Fee, then what does it matter?

The Truth Is event and conference coordinators are looking to Hire and Book Speakers Every Single Day of the Week and they look in certain places and for certain things.

By knowing where they are actively looking for speakers and how to position yourself in that certain way, we can highly increase the chances of getting booked.

So Let Me Ask You This:

If I showed you in an online training program with a step by step workbook, how to easily find speaking engagements
and position yourself to get booked, could you copy what I do?

If So, You Are Going To LOVE This  Training Program.
Because That’s EXACTLY What I Do!


10 plus main areas to FIND ENDLESS SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS and how to tap into them I’ll share key websites to find endless speaking engagements in every single industry you can think of. 

Show you the #1 Thing You Must Have In Place To Get Booked and Re-Booked.

Discover the simple system I use to create POWERFUL PROPOSALS faster than Usain Bolt.

Demonstrate a Proven and Effective Way to reach out to conference coordinators that will give them all the answers they need to book you, even before they ask for them.


Learn how to give these event planners the most compelling reasons to book you  (how you will make their life easy, make them shine, create an experience the audience will enjoy, learn tangible things from and never forget).

PLUS…You’ll see me:

Show you how to CREATE A POWERFUL PRESENCE AS A SPEAKER to separate you from
the sea of speakers out in the marketplace.

I’ll even teach you how to USE AND LEVERAGE YOUR CURRENT TESTIMONIALS to get booked
(and if you don’t have any testimonials how to get your first 3 within 24 hours).



I’ll tell you exactly What To Say and How To Say It when reaching out to the right decision makers.

I’ll even give you a real example to template your proposal after. You’ll KNOW by the time you finish
this course how to do everything….and nothing will be left to chance.

It’s a 30 Day Intensive  Training Program and Step By Step Workbook,
so you know exactly what to do and how to do it!

4 Training Modules delivered right to your inbox along with Step by Step Implementation Workbooks. Complete it over 4 weeks or all in one day…it’s up to you!


Basically, You Will Have Everything You Need to Find Speaking Engagements and
Locate the People That Are Looking to Book Speakers All Year Round.


Now Who Is This For?

It’s for you if; you have an area of Expertise That Can Help A Specific Group of People,
or be of benefit to a certain industry.

It’s for you if you Want To Start Speaking But Don’t Know Where To Find Speaking Gigs.

It is also for people who are Currently Speaking but are having a hard time finding more
speaking gigs in their industry and want to increase how often they speak.

But…. Imagine If You Could Place Yourself and Know Exactly Where the Right People Are Constantly LOOKING for Expert Speakers to Book?


How Many Speaking Engagements Could You Handle Per Month?
Could This Possibly Transform Your Business?
In This Online Training, We Cover EVERYTHING:

10 plus main areas to find endless leads for speaking engagements

The #1 Thing, you must have in place to get booked and re-booked

The Top 3 Essential documents you must have to get booked and paid well as a speaker

Pricing Strategies and leveraging non-paid events into big paydays


Frankly speaking, you should Just Take Action NOW and get this training
while it’s still at this special low price.

You see, this training will almost Certainly Change Your
Life in ways you’ve always imagined.

In fact, if you Book Just One Speaking Gig as a result of this training, it could possibly
change the course of your speaking career.


Let’s say you booked Just One Speaking Gig Per Month, that brings in an EXTRA $36,000 a Year In Revenue
(i.e. if charging $3000 per talk) for you and that’s Super Part-time and at the low end of the speaker fee scale.
So essentially Working 12 Hours For The Year And Bringing In 5 Figures… are you opposed to that???

Well, imagine booking two or three gigs per month, not to mention the spin-off bookings from the original gig.


Other courses and e-books tout that their products are worth $5000 or $10,000 And Deliver Only Half the Value That I Give.


I Know This Program is PRICELESS because it Transforms You from just another speaker to an “Expert Speaker” who will be heard and seen among the plethora of people out there proclaiming to be speakers.

It will show you exactly where to look and find endless speaking opportunities.

So if you’re ready to find more speaking engagements than you can handle, then I highly recommend that you get this

“One of A Kind” Training Program TODAY.

Over the last few years, I have met a lot of people who are Phenomenal Speakers who just can’t seem to find speaking engagements and get booked.


From seasoned speakers still speaking for FREE to new speakers going around in circles buying course after course in hopes of finding out EXACTLY how to find all of these speakings
engagements, that their peers keep getting booked for.

No More Endless Searching!!!

There is a Better Way When You Know

What To Do

How To Do It Right

And Where To Look!

In This Training Program We Teach You The WHAT, The HOW, and The WHERE!

No More Secrets! You Will Be Given the Exact Blueprint to Easily Find LOTS of  Speaking Gigs

 [Over $3000 in VALUE ]

The Investment is ONLY $297 USD


Offer expires on Friday February 15/19 at 5pm EST 
Reg. $1297 USD


By the way, if you use all of these methods in this training program exactly as outlined,
and you don’t get results by implementing my strategies, just let me know and
I’ll refund your investment!


**Bonus #1

A Free month of my conference locator package (It’s a list of 25 conferences that are looking for speakers)

**Bonus #2

My Secret List of Association and Industry events that are always looking for speakers

(Over $500 in bonuses)


The Investment is ONLY $297 USD

It can be easy or it can continue to be hard to find speaking engagements. Make the right choice and invest in yourself.

I know you’ll have tremendous success with our…

“How to Find More Speaking Gigs Than you Can Handle In 30 Days” Training Program.

You can eliminate all the stress, frustration, and guesswork when it comes to finding and
booking speaking engagements… Getting all the bookings you’ve always wanted doesn’t
have to be painful, stressful, or hard… It can be easy, and you can start now!

Stay Amazing!

Karen Donaldson
Your Speak + Get Booked Coach for Life 

P.S Stop making it harder than it needs to be if you know
you need this, it only makes sense to get in now!