December 9, 2020


Welcome To Speak, Get Booked, Get Paid  6 Month Academy.

It’s Time to Impact The World With Your Message and Get Paid What You’re Worth.


** Crash Course Member Enrolment is now OPEN**

If you’re an expert, an entrepreneur or author who wants to…

Speak on stages around the world, impact more people with your message and get paid more to speak.

Yet you’re struggling with…

Getting your messaging just right, choosing a niche that’s both sustainable and profitable, finding speaking gigs that pay, getting the attention of meeting planners that have a budget, moving from free to paid speaking.

You’re not alone!

Now is your time to…

Share your message and expertise with the world, live and virtually.
Impact more people.
Learn how to tell your story and turn it into sustainable and lucrative speaking business.
Stop speaking for FREE.
Take your speaking, coaching, and expertise and grow it to the next level.
Start getting paid what you’re worth.

When I first started speaking over 20 years ago, I never knew that speakers got paid as much as they did.

5 years into my speaking career I was blessed with a mentor who showed me what was possible and the ins and outs of the professional speaking industry. It was like a veil was lifted from off of my eyes, he showed me how to structure my business so I could travel the world speaking on stages and getting paid my worth. 

Today I speak internationally and have clients across the globe. I’m the communication, body language and confidence coach to celebrities, politicians, C-suite executives and entrepreneurs. I’m Cosmopolitan and Women’s health magazine’s body language expert and am on local and national news.

My clients and I speak and get paid anywhere from $2000 – $35,000 per speaking engagement and are flown across the world living our dreams, delivering in person and virtual keynotes, workshops and seminars.

If you’re serious about maximizing your Impact in the World and building a sustainable speaking business (whether you’re starting from scratch or simply tired of speaking for free), knowing how to handle the “we have no budget” conversation, and increasing your take home income moving forward…then please CONTINUE READING…

Because, Yes, You can have it


Many people believe that the only thing you need to focus on is being a top performer when you get on stage. That’s definitely true, but that’s just wetting your toes.

Here’s the reality…

There are a lot of great speakers out there. However, most of them are speaking for FREE or not speaking on stages at all.

For many, it has nothing to do with their ability to deliver an outstanding talk. If you can’t get the attention of the event coordinator, it doesn’t matter how great a speaker you are.

Many people know how to SPEAK, but, they have not mastered the BUSINESS OF SPEAKING. That is the missing link, that is what makes the difference between getting paid $200 and $3000, $5000 or $10,000 dollars.

It’s a balance of meeting the needs of the event planner, their audience, motivating and educating simultaneously, having solid marketing systems, clarity on your expertise and positioning yourself as the go-to person in your industry.

“But Karen, Nobody’s Doing In-Person Events Right Now!”

You might be wondering, WHY should you invest in building out your speaking business now, if no one is holding live events in person for the near future? 

Good question.

And here’s the answer: the event industry HAS NOT DISAPPEARED – some events have  postponed and Many have simply moved online!

Event planners are rapidly pivoting to virtual events, and guess what? 

They still need speakers.

Is that you?

ONLY if you have the right system in place!


The Speak, Get Booked, Get Paid 6-month Academy

I have curated my Secure the Stage System so you have a road map to tell you exactly how to show up, what to say to get noticed, how to help the meeting planner say YES to paying you, and how to book out your calendar with speaking engagements.

There are FOURTEEN different speaking business models that I teach – and SEVEN of them are virtual. 

Which means that now is the PERFECT time to build your speaking business, whether it’s from a “real stage” (hopefully soon!) or an online platform.

Over the first 90 days, you’ll get the foundation to go out and start making income.

After the 90 days, it’s all about building the infrastructure, brand awareness, your presence, your delivery, building your network, marketing systems, bookings, speaking and more bookings etc. 

Our most recent academy members have been…

Booked to speak in India, Alaska, the UK, Australia, the Caribbean, they deliver lunch and learns across Canada & the US, are booked by corporations, are getting booked on virtual stages doing training sessions, seminars and workshops.

Enrolment to our

6 Month “Speak, Get Booked, Get Paid,

Impact The World With Your Message Academy” is

now OPEN!


Who is this Academy for:

This 6 month academy is for newer speakers and experienced speakers who have been primarily speaking for free and want to increase their fee and get consistently paid their worth.

In this program, I’ll personally walk a select group of Committed Expert & Leaders down the path to building a powerful and lucrative speaking business that gives them the Impact, Income, and Inspiration they’ve only dreamed of!

If you look immediately below, you’ll discover exactly what you’ll accomplish over the next 6 months, as you work with me to develop and scale your speaking business.

Over the first 90 days, you’ll get the foundation to go out and start speaking and making income.

So NO, you don’t have to wait until the end of 6 months to start speaking.

After the first 90 days, we focus on building your infrastructure, brand awareness, marketing systems, bookings, speaking and more bookings.


Building the Core of Your Speaking Business:

  • Strengthening your speaker mindset.
  • Redefine or create your expert positioning.
  • Create, structure and fine tune your signature talk & learn how to seed your talk.
  • Learn how to tell your story and command the stage (audience engagement techniques and more!).

Getting In Bed with Your Target Audience and The Event Coordinators that Book You (not literally!):

  • Identify and locate your ideal target audience(s).
  • Creating the right conversations with each target audience and teach them how to refer you.
  • Learn how to get the attention of the event coordinators with budgets.
  • Learn how to get them to say yes to your speakers fee.

Essential Marketing Materials, Brand Building, and Fee structure:

  • Develop the content for your essential speaker marketing materials 
  • One pager
  • Biography
  • Media Kit
  • Speaker Proposal
  • Speaker Reel
  • Learn the main websites to use to easily find speaking gigs internationally!
  • Learn all 14 speaker business models that exist.

Expert Speaker Marketing Plans and Systems (for both Live and Virtual events):

  • Create online marketing plan focusing on specific platforms.
  • Locate and reach out to conference planners using our signature 3 touch point campaign to position yourself as the go-to expert.
  • Learn how to pitch conference coordinators.
  • We dive deep into showing you exactly how to find paid and non-paid speaking engagements, in different markets so you can get booked ASAP.
  • This is a VERY important piece of the whole process: Event coordinators look for specific things when booking a someone to speak at their event.
  • A lack of certain things put up a red flag for event coordinators and have them run in the opposite direction.

Leveraging Your Assets:

  • Build your expert brand online.
  • Create an expert speaker brand building plan.
  • Learn the system to turn FREE gigs into lucrative pay days.

And more!


Merav Richter, Brave Ecstatic Woman Speaker, Author


James Drury, Award Winning Networking & Connection Expert, Speaker, Professional Auctioneer


Trudie German, Health & Fitness expert and Speaker, Owner of Body Envy

The 6 Month Academy Includes:

Monthly Pre-recorded Training Modules 

3 Per Month

Monthly Personal Group Q and A Sessions:

3 Per Month

If you’re committed, so is Karen and her team. Each month, Karen and her team of coaches will speak with you personally during LIVE personal Q & A sessions. You’ll cover any and all questions about the Module you’re currently working on, in addition to giving you clarity on ANY other elements you have questions about.

Experts Training Sessions

Training with storytelling, sales, pr and marketing experts. 

One Virtual 2-Day Mastermind Event 

  • This 2 Day Mastermind is NOT TO BE MISSED!

You’ll experience:

  • 1:1 Hot Seat Coaching where any and all of your current business stressors will be explored and resolved.
  • Opportunities to get hands-on experience, practice your signature talk, and reach out to get booked.
  • Dynamic mastermind conversations where you’ll gain insight on how to up level your speaking business, ask for more and get paid more, and get paid 5 figures when speaking for free!
  • Exclusive content delivered by Karen and/or her business experts on topics congruent with the program themes.

Private Access to Our Members Only Facebook Group:

  • You’ll get access to the private Facebook group only for members of Speak, Get Booked, Get Paid Academy!
  • You’ll have 24/7 access to Karen, her coaches, and the other members (your Academy family) for instant feedback on challenges you have in your business as you move through the program. 
  • From time to time meeting planners will pop in there too


The Crash Course Member Investment is now open for the 6 month Academy with the 2 extra bonuses.

By the way…. Right now meeting planners are still hiring speakers for virtual events and live events for  2022 and 2023.


Regular $17,500

Crash Course member $14,000  ($3500 off)

Payment Option #1.

*Pay in Full Investment: $14,000


Payment Plan Option #2

*Monthly Payment Plan Option

Non-Refundable $997 to hold your spot Now

Monthly payments of $2434

(Start August 5th and the 5th of each month after that)



Here’s Your Next Step!

Decide on the payment option that works best for you, and make your payment below!

Payment  Option #1


*Payment Plan Option #2 (Monthly)

*PAY $997 Now

($2434 monthly starting July 5, 2023)


If you have questions, would like to talk about how you can make it work, BOOK A CALL and let’s talk.


*A 3% processing fee is added to all payments



Bonus #1 

Your Own Personal Speaker Assistant for 6 months (Value $1800)

Your very own PERSONAL Speaker Concierge to deliver speaking engagements right to your inbox every single month for 6 months. They will do all of the labour intensive researching and simply send you a list of gigs to apply to. 

My students say that this could be the MOST valuable part of the program and I’m crazy for offering it as a bonus.





Bonus #2 

My email and pitch templates and swipe files that my clients and I are using to book live, virtual and hybrid events now.

Irresistible “Today Only” Bonus:

A Customized Speaker Marketing Package (Value $3000)


✅ A Custom Created Speaker Reel (using your content)

✅  A Custom Speaker one sheet

✅ A custom banner for 3 social media platforms

⭐️Your entire BONUS package is over $5000 in value!⭐️


Before you go, I’d like to have a heart to heart conversation with you…

“There are many talented people who don’t fulfill their dreams because they over think them, are too cautious, or are unwilling to take a LEAP of faith.”

If you are ready — finally ready — to start living your dreams, JOIN ME and a group of other like-minded, high-level Entrepreneurs in The 6-month Academy!

If you’re not ready to roll up your sleeves and claim your success, be prepared to watch others take your place on the “Success Train.”

If you’re not ready to say “Yes!”, you may be turning your back on the success you desire and deserve.

Seize this moment and watch your vision lead other people to buy into your success.

Sending you positive energy, love and light always!


Karen Donaldson

#1 Best Selling Author
Celebrity Communication, Body Language and Confidence Coach
Executive Public Speaking Coach

International Speaker

Body Language Expert for Cosmopolitan Magazine and Women’s Health Magazine

Media Personality, Guest Media Expert for KTLA, FOX, NBC ABC, BT, CTV