May 27, 2017

Conference Research and Speaker Submission Packages Client

Conference Finder and Speaker Submission Training

  • 2.5 hour Live training session
  • We will train you and your VA on how to research, find and apply for the right speaking engagements for your niche.
  • We get it, as an expert speaker you just want to speak!
    But, finding and applying to piad speaking gigs is a necessary part of the mix to book out your calendar.
  • We also know how time consuming, taxing and overwhelming it can be if you don’t know; where to look and how to do it the right way.
  • That’s exactly why we have designed this training program.  It’s for you if you want to stop trying and learn what the pro’s know about finding and booking gigs, learn the key spots for finidng speaking gigs that get replenished monthly.
  • This training program will help you save time and get infront of the right people who are looking for you and have a budget to book you.
  • You can train yourself or have you VA take the training program and do theleg work for you (that’s what many of my clients do)

Live Training Date: Thurday May 17, 2018
Time:  11am EST – 1:30pm EST
You and 1 admin person can attend

Investment: $497 USD

Conference Finder and Speaker Submission Package

  • We research and submit your information for speaking engagements that are looking for speakers in your niche(s)
  • Research and short list of suitable conferences/ events based on your area of expertise
  • Submission of your information to 15 call for speakers per month
  • A detailed report sent to you on a monthly basis.

Investment: $297 USD/mth

Conference Finder Package

  • Research and short list of suitable conferences/ events based on your area of expertise
  • Speaking engagements delivered right to your inbox on a bi – weekly basis. (15 for the month)
  • You will receive: the name, location and date of the conference, the conference website and the direct link to respond to the call for speakers or email to submit your speaker proposal.

Investment: $97 USD/ mth