April 24, 2018

Conference Locator Package

Conference Locator Package

Allow my team to do all of the time consuming and tedious conference research work for you! All you need to do is focus on speaking!


The Conference Locator Package

With this package, my team will locate conferences across North America and Internationally that are looking for speakers, and we will send you the list with a direct link and/or email address to apply for each conference.

All you have to do is click and apply! And yes, we will send a new list every single month!

All you need to do is apply yourself or have your assistant apply for you!

Included in the packages are:

  • A shortlist of suitable conferences and events based on your area of expertise, with the details on each one, including the name, location, and date of the conference, the conference website, and the direct link or email to respond to the call for speakers or to submit your speaker proposal
  • 25 Speaking engagements delivered right to your inbox each month!
  • Simply fill out our template and you will receive your custom list within 14 business days (from the day we receive your completed template), and for the following months, you will receive your list on the 25th of each month.
  • Leads may include a mix of  include events, conferences, association conferences, organizational contacts  etc. for potential speaking opportunities. Note: At times you will be sent links to events that may not appear to be within your subject area: please look beyond the name of the conference and look and the themes, experts, type of speakers and talk topics they are looking for.

Silver Package

**25 Calls for Speakers Every Month

Investment: $397 USD per month



Allow my team to do all of the time consuming and tedious conference research work for you, while you focus on what you love to do most… SPEAKING!

Payment and Cancellation Policy

**Your recurring monthly payment date will be on the same day as your first payment. (i.e you purchase the package on the 5th of the month, each month your payment method of choice will be charged on the 5th of the month)

**You will see a charge from “Panache Choreography” on your card/ billing statement when your payment is made.

**Once payment is received you will receive next step instructions from us.

**To cancel your subscription, please send an email to admin@karendonaldsoninc.com. If payment has already been made and list/report sent out for the month, there is no refund for that month. Your subscription will stop the following month.