March 3, 2021

Half-Day Get Booked in Corporate


Who is this Online Program for:

This is perfect for the speaker, entrepreneur, or industry expert who would like to start gaining paid speaking opportunities incorporate but does not know where to start. Or you’re transitioning from another audience to a corporate audience, or, you’ve done a little bit of speaking but aren’t getting booked consistently. You don’t know who to talk to, which organizations have a budget, who in the organization has a budget, how to price yourself, what to offer, how to pitch etc. This program covers everything and there are also 2 BONUS SEGMENTS!

The first is an interview with Corporate events and meeting planners, and the second is with a Certified LinkedIn Profile Ambassador, from LinkedIn.

The program is stacked!

Here’s exactly what is covered and what you’ll leave with:

⭐️The Corporate Booking System

Learn the exact system to find out which corporations have a budget to hire you.
Things have changed a bit due to the pandemic. I’ll be sharing it all.

⭐️Who You Need To Talk To (who has the budget)

Learn the names of the different departments and department heads that “you need”
to be speaking to (the ones with the budgets), and exactly what you need to say.

⭐️Find Out What Corporate is Looking

Learn how to turn your keynote into what corporate is actually looking for and paying for,
I am sharing my exact step-by-step system (my new approach since the pandemic hit).

⭐️How to Multiply Your Revenue

Know how to price your offering(s), what corporate, and how to multiply your revenue.

“A client closed a $13,000 contract with this one tactic alone.

⭐️Topics being Booked RIGHT NOW

Learn which topics are in high demand and are being booked RIGHT NOW.

⭐️How to Set Yourself Apart

Find out what the planners need from speakers, and what you can get done
as soon as the next 48 Hours after the intensive to set yourself apart from the rest.

⭐️Where to Hire An Assistant or Support Team

I’ll show you where to hire the best assistants if you don’t want to do the
leg work yourself… even if you have a “slim” budget.

⭐️And much more!


⭐️ Everything is covered in 4 Modules

My clients and I are using this new approach and we are closing…

$6000 gigs

$3500 gigs

$8000 gigs

$13,000 contracts

Not only is Karen sharing the content that she teaches her clients who pay her high 5-figures to coach with her, there are also two guest experts sharing their knowledge in the program too.


Karen Donaldson and her 2 Genius Level Guest Experts


Guest Expert #1

⭐️ A Certified Linkedin Profile Ambassador

She shares the dos and don’ts of setting up and leveraging your LINKEDIN profile to attract the right clients and, meeting planners.

Guest Expert #2

⭐️A Corporate Event Planner (From one of the biggest logistical companies in North America

 It’s a LIVE tell-all session with a Corporate Meeting and Event Planner. She shares, exactly what they’re looking for when hiring, how to reach out, budgets and more!!!


⭐️There is over $5000 worth of Value in this Intensive

⭐️ Birthday SALE

Regular: $1597

24 Hour Birthday SALE: $597



Words from clients….

“Thank you thank you, I’ve been reaching out and got booked from a cold email with the template you walked me through.”

C.G, Washington DC, USA

“It’s been a $27,000 January so far and next month looks like another 5 figures. Thanks coach”

– C.N,Toronto, CA


“If you’re thinking about working with Karen… DO IT! She knows her stuff and walks you through the process step by step. I feel so lucky to have worked with her. Based on Karen’s advice  I accepted and offer to be the official executive coach at a high tech business conference in San Francisco that resulted in 3 new clients—that’s over $13K for one day!”

-Judi Glova

⭐️ 24 Hour Birthday SALE

Regular: $1597

Birthday SALE: $597


There is no other Online Program like this Anywhere!

If you want the blueprint, if you want the tell-all from the mouth of the meeting planner, if you want to know exactly how our $6000 and other 4 and 5 figure gigs were acquired during the Pandemic…. then make sure to Invest in the Program today.