December 3, 2018

Free Industry and Association Events to Speak At


Compliments of Karen Donaldson, Executive Public Speaking Coach, Self-Leadership & Certified Confidence Coach, International Speaker
“Helping Coaches, Authors And Experts Easily & Quickly Land Speaking Gigs And Clients.”


In this FREEBIE  I have listed organizations and events that you can reach out to to speak at. I’ve even categorized them to make it super simple for you to use!

Here’s the short about who I am…

My name is Karen Donaldson, your partner in crime, ready to arm you with exactly what you need, so that you can position yourself to have a successful and lucrative speaking business; land the right speaking gigs and clients.

I’m a no fluff type of coach. I absolutely love speaking, love helping entrepreneurs confidently bring their authentic voice to the stage, love helping experts get booked and acquire clients through speaking and last but not least, I love helping experts get paid their worth.

I have been speaking for over 20 years, coaching for over 10 years and I am in love with my life and the people that I’m blessed to work with. I’m the communication coach to politicians, celebrities and entrepreneurs. I’m also the Cosmopolitan Magazines, body language expert.

I have coached experts speakers all over the world, most important I work closely with conference coordinators across Europe and North America because I want and need to know exactly what they are looking for, so my clients and I can continue to get booked and paid. My clients and I get paid $2000- $35,000 to speak on stages across the world.

Now, because I like to be transparent…I will tell you like it is. At the end of this cheat sheet I WILL offer you something.

However, this is only for those of you who want to fast track things, make it happen now and consistently get BOOKED and PAID to speak.

Now, let’s get to what you came here for.



Women’s Events and Organizations

Canadian Association of Women Executives and Entrepreneurs:

American Business Women’s Association:

E Women’s Network:

Entrepreneurial Events and Organizations

Startup Grind:

Social Enterprise Alliance:


Entrepreneur’s Organization:

Young Entrepreneur Council:

Founder’s Card:


Financial Events and Organizations

Private Equity CFO Association:

Association for Financial Professionals:

Financial Executives Networking Group:

Financial Executives:


Health and Wellness Events and Organizations

American Chiropractic Association:

APTA: Physical Therapists

Kentucky Chamber:

Health Benefits Conference:


Corporate, CEO and Employee Events and Other


Human Capital Institute:




CEO Connection:


Society of Government Meeting Professionals

Association of Meeting Professionals

National Coalition of Black Meeting Professionals

Another tip; reach out (call & email) and contact the person who is responsible for events, speaker etc


This list is WONDERFUL, But…do you know exactly how to :

I) Get Noticed By The Conference Planners Who Have A Budget,

II) Leverage 14+ different speaker business models,

III) Have The Event Coordinator Say Yes To Booking You, and,

IV) Get PAID during and post pandemic?


If your answer is not 100% YES, then book a call now and let’s have a convo about how I can support you.

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Right now, my clients and I get paid anywhere from $2000 – $35,000 per speaking engagement.


Over $13,000 in one day! Judi Glova, Business & Leadership Expert




“It’s been a crazy blessed few months, I did a presentation for Sick Kids last week and am now preparing to do a presentation for the Canada Border Service Agency at 3pm today!”  Dr.Natasha Williams, Radical Self Care Expert, Psychologist and Speaker


You don’t have to do it alone, this can be you too! 




Stay Amazing!


Karen Donaldson

Celebrity Communication, Body Language & Confidence Coach, Speaker Coach

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