April 14, 2017

Free Speak And Get Booked Quick Start Checklist

Free Speak And Get Booked Quick Start Checklist

Compliments of Karen D, Executive Public Speaking Coach, Self-Leadership & Certified Confidence Coach, International Speaker
“Helping Coaches, Authors And Experts Easily & Quickly Land Speaking Gigs And Clients.”


In this FREE report I have listed everything you need to have in order, so you can:

  • Find speaking gigs for your target audience
  • Position your self as the go to person who can help your target audience
  • Get the attention of event planners with budgets
  • Get shortlisted
  • Get booked
  • AND… Get Paid

This is not your typical airy fairy, full of fluff FREE report …that’s not

how I roll!

Here’s the short about who I am…

My name is Karen Donaldson, your partner in crime, ready to arm you with exactly what you need, so that you can position yourself to have a successful and lucrative speaking business; land the right speaking gigs and clients.

I’m a no fluff type of coach. I absolutely love speaking, love helping entrepreneurs confidently bring their authentic voice to the stage, love helping experts get booked and acquire clients through speaking and last but not least, I love helping experts get paid their worth.

I have been speaking for over 20 years, coaching for over 7 years and am in love with my life and the people that I’m blessed to work with. You may be asking why are you speaking about this????

Allow me to share with you, outside of speaking I have coached experts speakers all over the world, most important I work closely with conference coordinators across Europe and North America because need to know exactly what they are looking for so my clients and I can continue to get booked and paid. That’s exactly what I’m revealing in this Free report.

Now, because I like to be transparent…I will tell you like it is. At the end of this cheat sheet I WILL offer you something for FREE.

However, this is only for those of you who want to fast track things, make it happen now, get BOOKED and PAID in the next 30 DAYS.

Now, let’s get to what you came here for.

MUST HAVE SPEAKER MATERIALS….if your intention is to get

noticed and booked.

  • Speaker 1 pager
  • Presentation/keynote summary
  • Presentation/keynote abstract
  • 3 learning objectives
  • Length of talk
  • Testimonials
  • Partial client list
  • References with name and phone numbers with past locations you have spoken at
  • Video reel or video clips of you speaking
  • Speaker Media Kit (not essential if you are just starting out)


What You Must Know And Have In Place Before You Reach Out To Get Booked.

  • Clarity on exactly who you speak to; your target audience
  • Powerful positioning, your ONE area of expertise
  • Clear and Powerful Promise statement
  • Clarity on what challenge you help your target audience with, what you specifically can help them with.
  • Clarity on what results you can help your target audience achieve.

How To Properly Reach Out To Event Coordinators And Get Booked.

  • Personalize each proposal before you submit it. (specific name of conference, specific person it is addressed to.)
  • Make sure you and your topic are a fit for your conference before you submit your speaker proposal.
  • Send them exactly what they ask for in the format that they ask for it in.
  • Don’t add attachments but leave links to where they can find your materials.
  • Know what raises a red flag and gets you deleted and don’t do it.
  • Leave links to your “professional” social media accounts you want them to visit.

Everything that you have read above in the checklist is exactly what we as speaker must have in place to succeed and build strong speaking business.

Speakers get paid every day of the year, why not make it you.

Now I challenge you to do what most people don’t…..use the information!

My friends in has been my extreme pleasure to be able to share, I truly believe that there are audiences all over the world waiting to hear you share your expertise.

Make the commitment, set a goal for yourself, get your things in order, reach out, GET BOOKED and GET PAID.

If the time is right and you’re ready to get booked and paid to speak, I have a few spots open for Free 20 min. “Find more speaking gigs strategy call”

Now, that you know exactly what to do to get BOOKED & PAID to speak, the next piece of the puzzle is knowing exactly what to say when you reach out to event coordinators so you can:

i) Get Noticed,

ii) Not Get Black Listed,

iii) Have the event coordinator say yes to booking you.

My team and I have gathered all of our top performing emails that both my clients and I use to get booked and paid to speak.

We’ve booked anywhere from $500 – $15,000 speaking gigs with the exact same emails in my:

“Get Booked Swipe File” package

It includes:

  • Email Templates to reach out to planners
  • Email Templates to reach out to the youth market
  • Email Templates to reach out to speak at corporate events
  • Email Templates to reach out to speak at colleges universities
  • Email Templates to reach out to local events
  • Email Templates to reach out to events that don’t have a call for speakers
  • Swipe files/ posts to position you as an expert in the eyes of the conference planner
  • Follow Up emails (so you don’t sound like a nuisance)
  • A few bonus tips

Swipe file and email templates, that you can follow, personalize and send out.

Get your “Get Booked Swipe File Package now for ONLY $37

(Regular $67)


We’ve already done the work, we’ve already received the results, stop trying to recreate when you can simply duplicate and use my proven Get Booked emails.

Get your package now before this special price goes away!



You’ll be hearing from me as I continue to share solid strategies so you can continue to build your speaking business.

Stay Amazing and stop being the worlds biggest hidden secret…it’s time to share your message with the world.

Karen Donaldson
#1 Best Selling Author
International Communication & Confidence Coach // Speaker

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