April 8, 2024

Paid Speaker Booking Retreat 2024

The 2024 Booked & Busy Paid Speaker Booking Retreat

(There is no long sales page – If it’s for you then it’s for you)

Also, the background noise that you hear in my video below is simply me in the lobby of the conference that I’m speaking at.

Transform Your Speaking Career in Just One Day. 

Want to land more paid speaking engagements, corporate clients and media?

(Engagements that pay 4 and 5 figures and corporate contracts that pay up to 6 figures)

Getting booked and paid to speak is not rocket science, but there is a science to it. 

If you’re a speaker and you’re unsure  about what to say, how to pitch, or where to find these key opportunities

I understand your frustration 😤

You know your topic, you’re a solid speaker and trainer, but you just can’t seem to find the audiences that want to invest at this level. 

The reality is this, conferences happen every single day of the year and they need (and pay ) expert speakers to successfully execute their  events. 

Yes, they need us!

Are you ready to elevate your speaking career and transform your expertise into a lucrative venture where you’re booked and busy?

Welcome to the Paid Speaker Booking Retreat, where in just one day, you’ll unlock the full potential of your speaking prowess and set the stage for unprecedented success.

This is for you if you’d like to solely focus on booking paid speaking engagements.

Ready to stop speaking for free, ready to learn exactly where to look, how to look and how to locate, pitch and land PAID speaking engagements?

That’s where I can help, and that’s exactly what we are focusing on at my…

2024 Booked & Busy Paid Speaker Booking Retreat

Now, if you don't know me, here's the short...

My name is Karen Donaldson and I’m an award winning Celebrity Communication, Body Language, Confidence and Peak Performance Coach. I speak across the globe and also have clients across the globe that include industry experts, politicians, entrepreneurs, C-suite executives, professional athletes and celebrities. I’m a highly sought after guest expert on main media across North America and Europe, I’m also the body language and communication expert for Women’s Health Magazine. My current and past clients close 5K upwards of 90K speaking contracts. I know exactly what I’m doing and I am ready to teach any willing professional how to get similar results!

What You'll Experience at the Booking Retreat

Exclusive Booking Strategies:

Uncover the art and science behind locating and securing lucrative paid speaking engagements with our deep dive into insider secrets and proven strategies used by the industry’s top speakers.

Personalized Booking System:

Move beyond generic approaches with a custom booking system, uniquely tailored to leverage your strengths and market niche, ensuring you stand out in a crowded field.

Hands-On Booking Labs:

Experience the thrill of real-time action in our booking labs, where you’ll apply newly learned strategies to contact meeting planners, corporate event organizers, and event hosts, all under expert guidance – right there at the retreat!

Media Platform Mastery:

Learn how to charm the media and turn appearances into a powerful funnel for paid speaking opportunities and new client relationships, with actionable strategies for making an impact.

Pitch Template Access:

Gain exclusive access to pitch templates that are currently opening doors and landing gigs, giving you a competitive edge in reaching out to potential clients.

 High-Value Booking Training:

Discover the roadmap to landing $5K+ and $10K+ bookings with targeted training on identifying and securing high-value speaking opportunities.

Author's Special:

If you’re an author, delve into specialized training on creating your paid book and speaking tour, expanding your reach and monetizing your expertise in new, exciting ways.

Curated Opportunities:

Leave the guesswork behind with a list of events to apply to and corporate contacts to reach out to, meticulously curated by our team and provided to you during the retreat for immediate action.

A Pre-Retreat Prep Call:

Before you embark on the transformative journey at our Booking Retreat, join us for a pivotal 60 minute Pre-Retreat Prep Call. This preparatory session is designed to ensure you arrive at the retreat fully prepared to seize every opportunity for growth and advancement in your speaking career.

Why Attend?

This retreat isn’t just about learning; it’s about doing. 

You’ll not only walk away with the knowledge and tools but also with actions taken towards securing your next high-paying gig. 

We’ve made it super affordable and the investment most likely won’t ever be this low again. Take advantage of this one time pricing.

Network with like-minded professionals, gain expert insights tailored to your goals, and start taking the right  actions to level up your speaking business!

This booking retreat will share over $20,000 worth of content. (My current clients pay $39,000 to be in my High Paid Speaker Mastermind)

Picture this… 

You leaving this one day retreat, happy as ever, feeling “Un-stuck” because you know exactly where to locate PAID speaking opportunities for your niche, you know what to say, how to pitch, how to handle the objections, how to book out your calendar, how to book multiple events, if you’re an author or not…how to book a paid speaking tour +++

You’re no longer frustrated and spending endless hours searching for free information on the internet.

You have your very own system to locate and land paid speaking engagements, no more guessing!


Have a sneak peak of the results of current clients…

🔥 M.R. Belonging Expert, books $17,500 Keynote speaking contracts and speak all across North America.  

🔥 T.I is in the middle of a speaking tour that started in February and ends in June

🔥 N.W. Radical Self-Care Expert, closed a 96K speaking contract, speaks internationally and is a regular guest on daytime TV shows 

🔥K.L. Post Partum Wellness Expert, closed  a 26K contract 6 weeks into using these strategies, has spoken across North America, in Germany and in Portugal



Join Us and Expand Your Speaking Success!

With limited spots available to ensure personalized attention, this retreat is a must-attend for any speaker looking to seriously elevate their career.

Wednesday May 8, 2024

Santa Monica, California

(exact location will be disclosed to paid retreat attendees only)

Investment in Your Future:
*$1500 USD

(Price increase to $$1997 on April 30th)

There are limited spots available!

Don’t let another opportunity pass you by.

Register now for the Booked & Busy Paid Speaker Booking Retreat and start your journey to becoming a sought-after, high-earning speaker today.

*4% processing fee on all payments

There are No Refunds after payment is made

Stay Amazing and I’ll see you in person on May 8th!

Karen Donaldson
#1 Best Selling Author
Celebrity Communication and Body Language Expert // Certified Confidence & Peak Performance Coach
International Speaker
Body Language Expert for Cosmopolitan and Women’s Health Magazine
KTLA, NBC, FOX, CTV, BT Toronto Guest Communication and Confidence Expert