April 19, 2017


In this coaching program we are focusing on Building a sustainable speaking business, Marketing, and Getting Booked…that’s it!

If you’re looking to focus on finding bookings, learning about and leveraging different types of speaking engagements , creating your own mini marketing team and plan, and making 4-5 figures per month with your speaking business…then this program s for you.


Fine tuning your 1 pager

Defining 2 target audiences.

Locating events that book, that are specific to your niche.

I will give you all the key websites to use to easily and quickly find endless speaking engagements worldwide.

Learning and implementing different formulas and strategies to create 4-5 figure months with your speaking business.


Marketing; creating a marketing plan and instituting 3 touch point campaigns to get the attention of specific industry professionals that can book you.

Leveraging all the different social media sites the right way.

Responding to call for speakers.


Building your list and following and teaching your community to refer you and book you.

Scheduling content to build your community.

Responding to call for speakers


3 session per month (2 online calls, 1 video training) and pdf modules

Sessions are every Thursday at 1pm EST


(Ends 11:59pm EST Thursday April 20th, tonight)

$2200* CAD in full

($3000 CAD After Early Bird)


2 payments of
$1150* CAD

*All payments are subject to 3.5% processing fee

Bonus #1:
A Bi-weekly Monthly list for call for speaker in North America and the UK
(my assistant will do all of the work, you just apply)
(VALUE over $500)

Bonus #2:
A private 45minute coaching call with Karen
(VALUE $500)

Words from Clients

“I just spent 2 days with Karen, let me tell you that was one of the most powerful 48 hours ever. Even after afterwards I kept  getting aha moment after aha moment …of thats how its done. This is someone you just have to work with.”
Scott Farnell – Mindfulness Expert & Speaker

“Working with Karen has taken my speaking career to the next level. Her consistent guidance and insight have helped me to move my business forward. What I am happiest about, is Karen came into my life when I was ready to take action.”
Ingrid Shaban
R.R. Pr., Expert Holistic Health Practitioner, Coach & Speaker
Author, Poet