May 26, 2017

Speak and Get Booked HALF/FULL Day Intensive

Speak and Get Booked VIP Intensive Half (2.5 hrs) & Full Day (5hrs)

It’s perfect for the new or experienced speaker who needs direct support help, and answers in their speaking business.

We work on ANYTHING that you need, to grow yourself and your speaking business.

  • Finding speaking gigs that pay…let’s find them and apply together!
  • Create and finalize all of your speaker marketing materials….let’s do it together in 2 hours flat!
  • Develop your Signature keynote and find your target audience…let’s do it together!
  • Develop your funnel to build your tribe…let’s do it together!
  • Develop an online marketing plan so you can get booked from your materials online!
  • Whatever you need to focus on and accomplish…let’s do it together ! You’ll get my head and hands on all of your material

Half Day $3000 USD
Full Day $5000 USD

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